Sunday, April 29, 2012

9 Months Old

I have been a MAJOR slacker on getting this post ready to go.
I've been updating it throughout the month, but I've been waiting on pictures.
Normally, I do his pictures ON his month birthday...
but we have just been SO busy, that I haven't had a chance :(
Mommy fail!

With that said, his official 9 month pictures will be added later.

Without further ado....

9 months old?!?

Daddy and I are absolutely LOVING this age!

We recently watched you master climbing the stairs, and now we can't keep you off them!

You are SO curious about Bella.  We definitely have to work on "gentle" as you normally "pat" her.
Bella only really likes you when it's dinner time - she LOVES cleaning up your messes.
Any other time, you crawl to her and she gets up and goes to the other side of the room.  Then you'll follow her, and she'll go back to the side she started on.

You have been standing alone for little bits of time.
Once you realize that you're not holding on to anything, you usually sit down.

This month has definitely been a month of temper tantrums!
You have got quite the temper when you don't get your way...
you throw the biggest tantrum and scream on the top of your lungs.
Normally, I just laugh at you (especially when I know there is nothing wrong), or ignore you.
Once you realize that you aren't getting your way, you normally stop and go back to playing or laughing.

And probably the BIGGEST NEW THIS MONTH....

I am VERY happy to report, that after 35ish weeks:


I never thought I'd be so excited about not having to coax you into taking your medicine.
We started weaning you about 2 weeks ago - and here we are, successfully OFF them!

Baby Stats

You are sleeping 11.5-12  hours at night with 2 naps during the day.  You usually take 1 short nap (late morning) and 1 long nap (late afternoon).

Daily Routine:  
Simply put:
Wake up, play, eat breakfast, play, nap, wake up, eat lunch, play, nap, eat (bottle), play, eat dinner, play, eat (bottle), bed.

Breakfast - cereal, fruit and formula
Lunch - fruit and veggies (sometimes meat) with juice or water
Afternoon bottle
Dinner - whatever we eat
Late evening bottle
New Foods:
Mac n cheese
Red banana

I'm starting to lose track of foods because you eat whatever we do!

# of Teeth:
3 (all on the bottom)
Your 4th on the bottom is THISCLOSE to coming in, and you have 2 getting really close on top.
birth - 7 lbs 6 oz
2 weeks - 8 lbs 10 oz
4 weeks - 10 lbs 4 oz
6 weeks - 11 lbs 1.5 oz
2 months - 12 lbs 8 oz
3 months - 14 lbs 12 oz (at home estimate)
4 months - 15 lbs 10 oz
5 months - 16 lbs 10 oz (at home estimate)
6 months - 18 lbs 5 oz
7 months - 19 lbs (at home estimate)
8 months - 20 lbs 6 oz (at home estimate)
9 months - 21 lbs 3 oz

birth - 21 inches
2 weeks - 22 inches
4 weeks - unknown
6 weeks - 23 inches
2 months - 23.75 inches
3 months - 25.5 inches (at home estimate)
4 months - 25.75 inches
5 months - 27 inches (at home estimate)
6 months - 28.5 inches
7 months - 29 inches (at home estimate)
8 months - 29.5 inches (at home estimate)
9 months - 30 inches
Head Circumference:
birth - 15 inches
2 weeks - 15 inches
4 weeks - unknown
6 weeks - unknown
2 months - 16.25 inches
3 months - 16.75 inches (at home estimate)
4 months - 17 inches
5 months - 17.25 inches (at home estimate)
6 months - 17.75 inches
7 months - 18 inches (at home estimate)
8 months - 18.25 inches (at home estimate)
9 months - 18.25 inches

Diaper Size:
All cloth diapers now!
Clothing Size:
Since making the move to cloth diapers, we have upped your clothing sizes to 12 month - while 6-9 months still fit, they are a little snug with the diapers.  

Hair Color:
birth - brown and quite a bit more than we were expecting
1 month - brown - you are almost completely bald on top!
2 months - brown and it's finally growing back
3 months - brown with a nice bald spot in the back
4 months - Still brown but lightening a lot - I think it may end up being a dirty blond.
5 months - lightening a lot.... brown to dirty blond
6 months - dirty blond - it has lightened a TON
7 months - dirty blond
8 months - dirty blond
9 months - auburn

Eye Color:
birth - dark blue-grey
1 month - starting to lighten but still blue-grey 
2 months - dark blue
3 months - Still dark blue-grey
4 months - "sunburst" - you have a brown inner ring (most days) with blue-grey outer ring
5 months - bluish grey
6 months - blue grey (YAY - it looks like we got our blue eyed boy!)
7 months - hazel? blue? definitely not entirely brown!
8 months - blue grey some days, hazel others
9 months - hazel? blue grey? brown? Who knows-  they change daily!
Favorite toy/entertainment:
Books - you love to look at them as well as chew on them

Monkey doodle, Bubba, Stinko

Funniest Moment:
You are fascinated with feet - and will try to bite toes whenever possible.  One night, while trying to eat Daddy's toe, he tickled (with his foot) underneath your chin.  You broke out into a full belly laugh, which got us laughing, which made you laugh even more!

Favorite Moment:
Daddy chose the favorite this month
He LOVES watching mommy read you "Snuggle Puppy" before bed.  
You get this HUGE smile on your face throughout the entire book!

Mama, Dada, Bob, baba, papa
Standing unassisted (up to about 20 seconds)

Diaper Rash

Your official 9 month photos:


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