Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cloth diapering

As of last Saturday, Brycen is officially 100% cloth diapered!

I had done a lot of research on cloth diapers before Brycen was born, however all the talk of "all in ones, pockets, pre-folds, covers, etc, etc, etc" was BEYOND overwhelming (in addition to the fact that I knew NO ONE that cloth diapered) that I quickly forgot about my brilliant idea of being a "green" mom.  So before our bouncing baby boy arrived, we did what most parents do... stock up on all kinds of disposable diapers.

Not too long ago, we had a play date, and I noticed that Caleb was cloth diapered.  This led to talks of my fears in why I never did it, as well as a "hands on" lesson of what cloth diapering is REALLY like.  

I was sold, but figured I'd have to convince Brian.  I asked Katie's hubby what he thought of the whole thing, and he quickly said "it's easy" - which, of course, was all Brian needed to hear.  I'm not sure that he really took me seriously though when I told him I wanted to do it.

Shortly after cloth diapering 101 with Katie, the packages started arriving... 
And I'm not regretting the decision one bit.

Brian isn't loving the snaps so he asked that I get some "daddy proof" diapers...
So of course, I had to buy more :)

We currently have enough diapers to last 2 full days with a TON more on the way.

Not only are we saving money and reducing our carbon footprint by drastically reducing waste, it immediately cleared up his diaper rash - it's a win win if you ask me!

And seriously, how can you not LOVE a fluffy butt as cute as this:

 Sure does melt my heart!

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