Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 months old

S.T.O.P. Growing already
This was a big month... for all of us!
First, we celebrated/hosted Thanksgiving.  There were a few people that hadn't met you yet, so of course we got loved on... a lot!  
When we are out and about, you cannot stand being in your infant carrier.  This has led us to experimenting with highchairs and shopping carts, because you love to look around and take in ALL of your surroundings.
We've started putting you in a booster seat for meal times at home... you love sitting at the table with us.
Hands down, you are the happiest baby ON THE PLANET.  
There are 2 times you fuss... hungry and tired. 

We also went on our first road trip (to Cincinnati) and it was amazing.  You and your brother did such a fantastic job on the 12+ hour drive... 

You got to meet a lot of family, and it is safe to say you were a HIT with all the cousins.

Baby Stats

While napping in your crib has been going VERY well, we've had more and more wake ups at night.  
This mama is EXHAUSTED!

Daily Routine:  
You have fallen into the 2-3-4 routine.
Your first nap is 2 hours after waking up.
Your 2nd nap takes place 3 hours after waking up from your 1st.
Bed time is 4 hours after waking up from the 2nd nap.
Give or take 30 minutes or so!

Still exclusively breastfeeding.
Eating every 3-4 hours during the day (and lately 2 times per night)

birth - 7 lbs
3 weeks - 7 lbs 12 oz
1 month - 10 lbs 5 oz
2 months - 11 lbs 15 oz
3 months - 13 lbs (at home estimate)
4 months - 15 lbs 2 oz
5 months - 17 lbs (at home estimate - hoping I am WAY off on this one)

birth - 20 inches
2 weeks - 20.5 inches
1 month - 20.5 inches
2 months - 22 inches
3 months - 23 inches (at home estimate)
4 months - 24.4 inches
5 months - didn't measure

Diaper Size:
We are back to cloth at home and you'll be in cloth at daycare as well.
We put you back into disposables at night thinking that your waking up was due to being wet, however the wake ups continue....

Clothing Size:
3-6 months clothing, 9 month pj's

Hair Color:
birth - Dark brown and LOTS of it
1 month - still dark brown and starting to thin a bit
2 months - thinned out a lot, still pretty dark though
3 months - still brown with a few thin spots.
4 months - brown and starting to grow in some spots
5 months - brown... slowly growing

Eye Color:
birth - dark blue-grey
1 month - dark blue-grey 
2 months - very blue
3 months - blue (fingers crossed they stay this way!)
4 months - crystal blue - SO beautiful!
5 months - still blue, but with a pretty green ring around the center.

Favorite toy/entertainment:
doorway jumper

Kenz, Kenzie, Kenzie bear, Chunkeroo

Funniest Moment:
Your daily conversations with daddy.  
You get so serious and just babble on and on about your day!

Favorite Moment:
As soon as Brycen hears you on the monitor he goes running into your nursery, and climbs up the side of the crib to see if you're awake.. we just cannot get enough of the smiles and laughs you give him when you see him standing there!

Tripod sitting for a few seconds
First road trip
First Thanksgiving
First time sitting in a shopping cart and a highchair

I realize that you are now 6 months old, I'm terrible at remembering to actually PUBLISH my posts :(
I haven't edited the 5 month photos yet, so those will be added ASAP.

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  1. How wonderful that she is such a happy baby!! Lucky mama! :) She sure is growing up quickly. Can't wait to see the photos.


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